Portal How-To

For Clinicians


The ClearStep portal is accessible via this link: https://www.myshapa.com/admin/auth/clearstep

Make sure to bookmark for easy access! 

Keep in mind, the clinician portal is only accessible via web browser and cannot be accessed through the ClearStep app.


You will use the email address and password that you used when you registered for portal access. 

To comply with HIPAA security standards, we require a 2-step verification code and you will be prompted to select an authentication method of email or google authenticator. If you select email, a 6 digit code will be emailed to your registered email address and will be valid for 15 minutes. If you cannot locate this code within minutes, please check your spam folder. If you would rather use Google Authenticator and are unfamiliar with using it, please email us at support@myclearstep.com and we will walk you through setting it up. 


Please note that if you are the only person using your device, you can opt to stay logged in for 30 days at a time by checking the “Remember Me” box. 


Congrats, you’re in! 


Once logged in, you will be brought to your home page. From this page you will see a full list of your clients, their last weight, weigh-in date, BMI, and desired weight range.



To get more information on a specific patient, simply click on the patient’s name or Patient ID number to be brought to their patient profile.



From this page, you will get a deep dive into your client’s data. At the top, you will see a weight trend showing your client’s weight over a selected period of time. Below the graph is the date, weight, body fat, muscle mass, and BMI for each measurement.


When you click into Groups in the navigation menu on the left-hand side,  you will be taken to a page showing the different groups that you have access to. Each group displays the group name, clinicians who have access to this group, the number of clients in this group, and importantly, your custom 4-digit provider code. This code is essential for your clients to link to you through their ClearStep app during their account setup, or they can find it under their My Care Team tab (displayed after they have taken their first weight measurement). Your clients can link and unlink to multiple providers through their app. If you would like to remove clients from your group, simply click “Edit” and delete the accounts that no longer need to be linked to you.



Under “General Info” on your client’s profile page, you have the ability to input their desired weight, which will also show up on your home dashboard.



To send push notifications to clients, click on “Push Notifications” in the portal menu on the left. You can then input your notification message and choose the clients you would like to receive it. Please note, your client will have to have push notifications for ClearStep enabled on their phone in order to receive it.



If you would like to receive an email alert when your client weighs in, click into the “Patients” tab and you will find a list of your clients. Check the box for receiving email alerts next to their name and you will be notified the next time their weight has been captured and available to view in the portal.



In the same Patients tab, you will find a column labeled “Actions.” In this column you can set and edit weigh-in reminders for your clients. Simply click in and set the day of the week, exact time, and message you would like your client to receive.



To remove clients from your group, click on “Groups” and under the Actions column, “Edit”. If you do not see an Actions column, click on the “+” sign under the ID column. Then click Edit. You will see your clients and a column, “Actions.” There you can choose to delete any clients you are no longer working with.



For additional questions, please contact us directly at support@myclearstep.com